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WooCommerce Performance

Our developers can optimize your WooCommerce Store to achieve error-free operation, and performance stability.

  • Theme Issues
  • Plugins Issues
  • Database Problems

Theme Issues

Using a Theme with a lot of features can slow down your site speed. The Theme would load a lot of extra code you are probably not even using.

  • Rebuild using a lightweight Theme
  • Restrict specific scripts on pages

We offer complete solutions for WooCommerce Stores

Plugin Issues

Some poorly coded plugins can slow down your website. These plugins typically run database-intensive queries or load unnecessary JavaScript and CSS.

  • Recreate functionality with customized code
  • Restrict specific scripts on pages

Database Problems

WooCommerce uses the same database as your WordPress installation. They both save a lot of data that becomes useless after a while.

  • Database Cleaning
  • Database Optimization
  • Database Repair