Unfortunately, changing the “Add to Cart” button label isn’t directly possible through WooCommerce settings. However, with a simple code snippet provided below, you can customize this label to say anything you prefer, like “Add to Basket” or “Add to Order”.

In the past, we discussed conditional label changes and adding icons to the button, but this time we’ll focus on completely changing the wording.

Customizing the “Add to Cart” button label can significantly impact user behavior and potentially boost sales on your WooCommerce store. The new label should clearly convey the action users take upon clicking the button, using compelling language to encourage product additions to their cart. Additionally, this customization allows you to maintain consistency with your brand voice and tone.

Let’s dive into how it’s done. Enjoy the customization!

PHP Snippet: Rename “Add to cart” Button Label @ WooCommerce Shop & Single Product Pages

In essence, this code snippet alters the text displayed on the “Add to Cart” button throughout your WooCommerce store, replacing the default text with “Buy Now!” (or whatever you prefer) on both product archives and single product pages.

Snippet breakdown:

  1. add_filter Function:
    • The code utilizes the add_filter function, a core WordPress function used to modify the behavior of existing functions by attaching a custom function to a filter hook.
  2. Filter Hooks:
    • The code employs two filter hooks:
      • woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text: This hook specifically targets the “Add to Cart” button text displayed on single product pages.
      • woocommerce_product_add_to_cart_text: This hook applies on product archives (listings).
  3. Custom Function:
    • The bbloomer_custom_add_cart_button function is the custom function hooked to the filters. This function gets called whenever either of the filters is triggered.
  4. Modifying Button Text:
    • Inside the fixelar_add_cart_button_text function, the return 'Buy Now!'; statement replaces the default “Add to Cart” text with the new text “Buy Now!”. Change it to whatever you wish.
function fixelar_add_cart_button_text() {
   return 'Buy Now!';
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text', 'fixelar_add_cart_button_text', 9999 ); 
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_add_to_cart_text', 'fixelar_add_cart_button_text', 9999 );